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We are a cryptocurrency faucet host and adspace network. We also host various events on our faucets and hold a monthly Litecoin lottery. We offer adspace for sell through adspace networks, or you may purchase adspace directly from us.

Our Faucets

Altcoin Miner gives free Bitcoin & HORA Token every 30 minutes.

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ClaimFreeBitcoin gives free Bitcoin every 60 minutes.

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ClaimFreeBitcoinCash gives free Bitcoin Cash every 60 minutes.

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ClaimFreeDogecoin gives free Dogecoin every 60 minutes.

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Hash Miner gives free Bitcoin every 10 minutes.

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Purchase adspace directly through us and have your ad shown on ALL of our sites for a low price.

  • Starter Pack
  • $ 1.00
  • 15,000 Impression
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  • Silver Pack
  • $ 1.95
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  • Gold Pack
  • $ 3.90
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Or if you wish to use adspace networks, we have space available through these providers.

Website AdBit AdConity AdHitz Adslop A-Ads BitMedia Coin Media
Altcoin Miner Buy -- Buy -- Buy Buy Buy
ClaimFreeBitcoin Buy Buy Buy -- Buy -- Buy
ClaimFreeBitcoinCash -- Buy Buy Buy Buy -- Buy
ClaimFreeDogeco.in -- Buy Buy Buy Buy -- --
GetFreeLiteco.in -- -- Buy Buy Buy -- Buy
Hash Miner -- Buy Buy Buy Buy -- Buy

Server Events

Current, Upcoming, & Past Events

Title Description Status
Altcoin Miner Anniversary May 14th, Altcoin Miner will be celebrating its 2 year anniversary!!! Durring this time, all faucet rewards and referal payouts will be doubled! The event will begin on 06/14/2019 and will last all day. Expired

Server News

Current, Upcoming, & Past News

Title Description Status
Faucet Adjustments In order to keep the faucets funded and running longer, we have made some adjustments to the ClaimFreeBitco.in and ClaimFreeDogeco.in faucet rewards. Hashminer.xyz will now require the shortlink to be completed in order to claim. Implemented

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If you want to recieve a reply from us, please include a valid email address. We do not reply to spam email or people advertising services through this contact form. We also are not gullable and are not interested in the 10 million dollars you need our bank account information for. You are wasting your time.